On these pages you will find some information about me and my hobby playing the bass-guitar, the instruments and amplifiers and other parts that I use. You will also find some information about the things I have done over the years. Unfortunately I am not available anymore on a projectbase or for fill-in.


Around 1984, after the (inevitable) recorder and accordion lessons, and 12 years marching drum band, I started autodidactically with playing the bass guitar. After a few cautious steps with some musical friends, a good foundation seemed laid. Approaching my draft for military service has made me decide to wait for this before making a commitment to a band. Many jam sessions, such as in music café 't Oude Pothuys in Utrecht and café Kleine Geer in Houten, made sure that I got my stage experiences. Immediately after my service, I rolled into my first band. Own material and blues covers, after the break up of this band my second band also with own material and rock. Doing so blood started to tickle so that after a year or 10 I wanted to perform a little more often and then made the switch to dance-classics, but as the playing became gradually more choices had to be made. As a fanatic jam-session visitor, I was occasionally approached to fill in or join in formations formed for special events. That way I came into contact with a large number of music genres and still praising that the main cause was that I played for sheer pleasure.


Below you will find some of my contributions on the online jam-site wikiloops. The playlist can be opened and closed by clicking on the 3 lines on the right.